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Food safety and accuracy are huge for us. We focus on the services you need to make your process easier.

Blast Freezing

Our facility offers blast freezing services for your cold storage products. We have the ability to blast freeze 600,000 pounds of product on a daily basis.

Once your product is frozen we can store it or have it ready for pickup. With our innovative tracking technology you will be able to track your product at any step through our online customer portal.


With the combined capacity of both of our facilities, we offer 38,504 pallets of frozen storage. In addition to this we also offer refrigerated storage.

Need some products stored in a dry or climate-controlled facility? Not to worry, we offer dry, climate-controlled, refrigerated, and frozen storage for all your product storage needs.


Our goal is to make your cold storage process as seamless and easy as possible. This lead us to offer USDA inspection certifications in house to our clients.

Not only is our facility a USDA inspection approved facility but if needed we also offer USDA inspections in your cold storage product.

The way cleanliness of this place and their advanced technologies that they use, it's just unbelievable.
Javier Casanova - Buyer, Planner, Manager
The team at innovative Cold is always willing to help us, any hour or day they are always there.
Rene Martinez - Operations Manager

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