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Our focus on innovation has led us on a pursuit of sustainability. Sustainability help everyone.
In addition to being responsible with our natural resources, innovating in green technology has allowed us to pass along savings to our clients.  Our newest facility optimizes energy efficiency, making it 62% more efficient than a standard cold storage facility.
  • Water from chemical-free cooling tower used for landscaping.
  • Pervious paving to return water to the earth.
The sustainable design incorporates a rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system totaling over 1 MW. This system products approximately 1,500,000 kWh per year, or 72% of on-site needs, and provides renewable energy back to the community during peak hours
  • Minimized building footprint through industry leading pallet density and narrow aisle racking.
  • Motion-detecting LED light fixtures.
  • 90% natural daylighting in all offices.
  • Tight-fitting dock doors and high-speed freezer doors to reduce infiltration.
  • Variable speed drives on all components of the refrigeration system with computerized controls to optimize energy use.
Our renewable energy production has helped avoid the release of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the equivalent of keeping about 10 million miles from being driven by a gasoline car.
  • Refrigeration condensate used for toilet flushing.
  • 150,000 gallon underground stormwater storage used for evaporative condenser.

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